What is Recaf?

Recaf is an open-source Java bytecode editor that simplifies the process of editing compiled Java applications. To make things easier Recaf abstracts away much of the internal class file format. Difficult tasks such as updating stack-frames are done automatically. Along with additional features to assist in the process of editing classes, Recaf is the most feature-rich free bytecode editor available.

Useful Information

While Recaf makes bytecode editing a more simple process it does not mean you should dive head-first into editing compiled Java applications without understanding some basic programming concepts and the Java class file architecture. Here are some references for these topics:

Download & Building

Downloadable jar binaries are provided through Github's release page.
Alternatively you can build from the source by cloning (or downloading) the repository and using maven to build the executable.


Recaf requires Java 8 to run but it is recommended you use Java 11 or higher. Some features require additional setup in Java 8 whereas the process is automatic in Java 11 and above

Usage Guide & More Information

Contact & Support

For reporting bugs and suggesting new features please use the github repo's issue page and submit a new issue. For other inquiries, or if you'd just like to chat, join the discord server here: discord.gg/Bya5HaA