Recaf can be used as a command line application. Running it with the argument --cli will enable an interactive mode. Here is a demonstration:

Using the help command will show the current list of all commands. Each should have automatic tab completion for all arguments of known data-types.

In order to "script" in Recaf, you can write these commands line-by-line to a text file, then run Recaf with the command line argument --script <file>. This will execute each line of the file then terminate the program. Here is an outline of how to use command scripting to process a jar file with some mappings file:

loadworkspace <file-name>
remap <mapping-type> <other-options> <mapping-file>
export <output-file>

And here it is filled in with an example:

loadworkspace 20w21a.jar
remap PROGUARD client.txt
export 20w21a-clean.jar

Note: The plugin api allows users to register their own custom commands. This allows you to create your own commands using any utility available in the Recaf source code.