Class editing modes

When opening class files in Recaf, you have 3 different display modes. For all modes you can save your changes with Control + S (Binds are modifiable in the config window). When the save was a success the edges of the editor window will flash green. Make sure you see a green flash to verify your changes are saved before you export your file. For additional information check the documentation pages of each class mode, listed below.

Class modes

Changing the mode

The default mode is set to Decompile. There are cases where this is less than optimal. In order to change the class display mode there are two approaches:

1. Change the config

To permanently change the mode you can open the config window by selecting "Config" on the menu bar. In the display tab change the "Class mode" to something else.

Any new class that is opened will use this new mode. Tabs that are already open are not changed.

2. Change the tab's config

To change the mode for only the one class, you can right click on the tab title and change the mode in addition to changing the decompiler.

Any new class that is opened will still use whatever is specified in the config. This only changes the config for the current tab.